Suits & Sneakers is my absolute passion – and as it so often happens with something that is so close to your heart – I battle to sum it up in just a few lines. So, for lack of a better term, I call it a “social enterprise”. It was born out of my passion for creating a way for everyday people to have better access to a global, blended learning (face-to-face events + online) adult learning platform. We need to fix the current learning and education crisis around the world – this is my way of contributing towards that.


Suits & Sneakers helps you understand how the rules of life are constantly changing...

When you consider the speed at which innovation has increased in the last ten years, you'd have to say that time is speeding up. We have clearly moved from a world which was evolving at a linear rate to a new digital world that is changing exponentially. As a result, the rules of the game are changing. Not all of the skills you learned five or ten years ago will help you be relevant (and add value) in the future. This is where Suits & Sneakers comes in. We start by helping individuals and businesses understand the context of why the game is changing. Only then can we adequately prepare for what's to come.

Suits & Sneakers helps you gain the necessary skills to be relevant in this time to come...

Let's start by redefining the term "education". Everyone has a vastly different definition of this word. We believe that education is simply the act of researching the future and then gaining the relevant skills for this time to come. This means that everyone, regardless of age, needs to be constantly educated. It also means that there are many different ways to acquire skills that make you relevant in the future. Formal education used to be the only vehicle you could use to upgrade your value but with the advent of the internet, informal education is becoming just as powerful because it is accessible to the masses at zero marginal cost. Suits & Sneakers has created a re-imagined education system based on continuous, self-directed learning!

Suits & Sneakers will bring quality education to young people at virtually no cost!

The ultimate reason I started Suits & Sneakers was to solve a major education problem for people around the world and then use the profits, technology and new thinking to democratise quality education for young people globally. When you look at how broken the schooling system is for young people or how much money young people spend on educating themselves, you will agree that things need to change severely. Suits & Sneakers is my attempt at changing the world around me!


Let us help your company understand what the future looks like for you!