Ever since I was a little boy, I have had a heart for entrepreneurship. I love the process of creating and building. Over the years, I have founded and run a number of businesses, but these days my efforts are a bit more focused. I've found a sweet spot where I run businesses that lean on my skills and passion, while also being businesses that make the world better in some way. These are the organisations I am currently involved in and working on.


The Tryst

The Tryst is a multi-purpose content creation hub consisting of a hybrid event space, two fully equipped video studios, several training spaces, and a bar area. (Yes, you read right.) The Tryst exists to help companies and individuals move the needle using meaningful and engaging content. Think corporate events, conference, training session, webinar, podcast session, videocast session, panel discussion, product shoot, and beyond.

Like a Tourist

Like a Tourist is a travel content platform that seeks to create travel content that inspires people to act like a tourist in their own city, and their own country. Travel is a true passion of mine and I have been documenting my travels for the longest time. More recently, I decided to formalise this passion into a business. This has allowed me to travel locally and internationally, while highlighting the amazing places to visit and things to do for others. We have several brand deals in place, including with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Discovery Bank and Vitality Travel, and Veldskoen.

Suits & Sneakers

Suits & Sneakers is my absolute passion – and as it so often happens with something that is so close to your heart – I battle to sum it up in just a few lines. So, for lack of a better term, I call it a “social enterprise”. It was born out of my passion for creating a way for everyday people to have better access to a global, blended learning (face-to-face events + online) adult learning platform. We need to fix the current learning and education crisis around the world – this is my way of contributing towards that.


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