I am known for my passion and energy on stage! I can't help but tell you a story with everything in me...

Back to the Future

In this keynote, I set the context by exploring the exponential future that is hurtling toward everyone in both their private and professional capacities. Once we why understand WHY the rate of change is speeding up, we can then look ahead toward understanding how to thrive in this future. Ultimately, this keynote explores how each person needs to become #ForeverEducated so that we are always relevant in the future!

Future of Education

For thousands of years, human beings were only able to share knowledge with each other on a one-to-one basis or in small groups. But today, this process has become digitised which means that information moves at the speed of the internet and there is zero marginal cost to share this information with as many people as you want. This isn't just a major form of evolution but rather a brand new set of rules. This keynote speaks to how to play in this new world!

Digital Marketing 2018

The world has changed dramatically in the last 100 years and as a result, so has communication and positioning. In the old days, all you really needed to do to make a sale was get your customers attention. These days, it's about creating an ecosystem that offers experience. In this keynote, I explore how digital platforms changed everything and how companies have to evolve if they want to keep their existing customers and find new ones too!

Career advice from the OTHER side

Today's world is incredibly developed compared to just a few decades ago. We have more choice now than ever which is why deciding on a career after school is more complicated. In this talk, I offer practical advice to all young people at school who are either very sure, fairly sure or totally unsure of what it is that they want to do when they’re done. Above all else, this is the advice I wish I had heard when I was still at school.

Inside Coca-Cola

In 2012, I happened to pick up a book called "Inside Coca-Cola" and it changed my life. After I finished the book, I created this in-depth review of what it took to change the fortunes of Coca-Cola at a time when the brand was languishing from its former heights and losing market share at an alarming rate. I also became obsessed with meeting the former CEO and eventually got my chance to chat with him in front of a live audience (1000 people).

The world we believe in (BRAND NEW)

We don't generally realise that the world around us is shaped by many different fictional stories that others pass onto us. For example - borders, countries, companies, and money are man-made fictional stories. These "stories" aren't real until we all believe they are. This keynote helps us better why we believe these stories and then suggests we can believe a whole new story that will move man, country and company to a better place!


I spend a lot of time educating myself about how the world works and I'd like to share some videos focused on these learnings!